With this app, you can project a digital laser pointer dot on your screen or projector, which is controlled by the movement of your Android device, just like a real laser pointer, but with following advantages:


⇩ App-Download from Google Play Store
⇩ Download Android APK-File
⇩ Download PC-Application (Linux, macOS, Windows)

RemotePointer is free software.

RemotePointer-Server - Sourcecode on Github
RemotePointer Android-App - Sourcecode on Github


This software (Android App and PC software) is basically available for free. If you want to use the keyboard or barcode/QR code scanner feature, please buy the in-app product.

Installation notes for the PC-Application

The PC-Application is Java based, which means, that you need to install the "Java Runtime Environment (JRE)" on your computer. Often, it is already installed, because many other applications also need Java. You can download it here for Linux, macOS and Windows.

After installing Java, you can start the .jar file with a double click.