The Companion App for Linux is an inoffical port of the Atlassian Companion App (originally only available for Windows and MacOS) for usage on Linux clients. It is basically just a tiny python script (~400 lines) and available on GitHub. With the Companion App you can edit files in Atlassian Confluence with your preferred (local installed) desktop application. The companion app will automatically upload the file to Confluence if it changed on disk.

Purchase DEB-Package

While the script ist completely open source, you can buy a ready-to-use .deb Package here for Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and other Debian-based distributions. The .deb package will setup everything for you with just one click. By purchasing this software package, you support further development of this Linux port.

Version 0.5, updated 2020-05-06


After installing the Debian package, please log out and log back in. The companion script will now start automatically in the background and you can now edit documents directly from Confluence with a locally installed application. Note: the companion app does not appear in the start menu, as it is only started from within the browser.

Log in to your Confluence and open a document that you want to edit. Then click on "Edit" in the upper right corner. The first time the browser asks whether the companion app should be started. After confirming this query, the Companion App starts, downloads the desired document and opens the standard application that is set in your system for this file type.

The companion app automatically detects the saving or general changes to the file and uploads the updated version to Confluence immediately.

Do you have any questions or problems with the Debian package? Please contact me with a detailed description of the error including which Confluence version you are using and whether you are running your own Confluence server.