With this customer database, small businesses can manage their customers easily and securely on a smartphone or tablet, separate from their private contacts.

It is possible to synchronize the data with a (own) MySQL server so that it is protected against loss or damage to the mobile device.

There is also a calendar function (e.g. for managing customer appointments at hairdressers), functions for the EU GDPR, the ability to group customers and manage vouchers, a newsletter and birthday function as well as extensive import and export options.

If you grant the Android app access to the telephone functions via the settings, the name of the person calling will be displayed for incoming calls if a corresponding number is stored in the customer database.


⇩ Download on the iOS App Store
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⇩ Download Android APK file

⇩ Download Sourcecode (on GitHub)

With manual installation via APK file, all in-app purchases can also be activated without Google Play, e.g. by paying via PayPal. Please contact us if you are interested.

Extended functions for business

With the synchronization function, companies have the option of keeping the data on multiple devices of their employees synchronized and at the same time protecting it as a backup against loss or damage to the mobile device.

You can use the paid customer database cloud or operate your own server.

Customer Database Cloud and Privacy Policy


How does the synchronization work?